meet at the mountain ski lessons in hakuba

Meet At The Mountain Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Though our full time team of Hakuba Ski Concierge instructors is fully booked for the time period you would like, we can still provide excellent ski & snowboard lessons for you at a resort of your choosing.

What is Meet At The Mountain?

Different to our regular services in that we do not provide transportation, these Meet At The Mountain lessons allow you to do just that with our experienced and qualified part time instructors.

What is the benefit?

The benefits are two-fold; we are able to provide lessons for you even during our peak times, and even better is that these lessons not only avoided the Peak Season Rates that our other lessons are subject to, but they run at a much discounted rate from them. And, all the while still allowing for the same level of customisation, guest entered experience and time flexibility.

Who are the part time instructors?

Our Meet At The Mountain instructors are all qualified, experienced and hold a current first aid certification. Most of them too have known Hakuba for many years so are very well equipped to share it with you!

What is the difference between full & part time instructors?

The reason why some staff are on our full time team and others on our part time team could be for a few reasons. One could be their own availability throughout the season and not being able to commit to a full time position. Other reasons could be based on qualifications and experience.

We have the highest instructor requirements within any Hakuba Ski School for our full time positions – requiring a minimum Level 3 certification and at least 3 years of teaching experience.

Some of our part time team have their levels 1 & 2 and are in training for their level 3, or are just shy of the 3 years experience. Their ability to deliver high quality private lessons as a team member of Hakuba Ski Concierge is excellent.

Lessons and pricing:

Half Day: 2.5 hours for up to 4 guests. ¥28,000

Full Day: 5.5 hours for up to 4 guests. ¥50,000

Meet our part time team

sienna ski instructor

Caitlin Wilson: Ski Instructor

Nationality: Australian.

Experience: 8 seasons of instructor experience, 6 seasons skiing Hakuba.

Relevant certifications: Professional Ski Instructor Level 2, Graduate Diploma Education P-12, First Aid Certificate.

Sienna ski instructor

Sienna Scott: Ski Instructor

Nationality: Australian.

Experience: 2nd year with Hakuba Ski Concierge as a ski instructor, and time at Falls Creek training as a Ski Patroller.

Relevant certifications: Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Level 1 & 2, current First Aid & CPR.

steven hart - ski & snowboard instructor

Steven Hart: Snowboard & Ski Instructor

Nationality: British 

Experience: 7 seasons of instructing experience across Scotland, New Zealand & Japan. 

Relevant certifications: Member of the British Association of Snowsports Instructors & New Zealand Alliance of SnowSprots Instructors, Outdoor First Aid & Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2. Fluent in English & Japanese. 

“From the moment we were in contact with Nadine everything went perfectly. Her response to emails and queries were answered promptly and with informative details. Our instructors were brilliant and accommodating and knew their stuff! Highly recommend!”Jodie M, Australia