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Hakuba Weather – When And Where To Ski

Hakuba Weather

Hakuba has an ideal climate for outdoor enthusiasts. The winters are cold and snowy, while the summers are generally warm and sunny and offer an escape from Japan’s ever-present humidity.

Having the best information is key to choosing when to come and where to ski in Hakuba. The correct knowledge can make or break your trip. Accurate weather forecasts and historical weather data will help you plan your perfect Hakuba vacation. So strap on your powder skis and get ready to hit the slopes!

Annual Hakuba Weather

Hakuba Weather - Historical Data
Hakuba Weather – Historical Data

Hakuba has a relatively temperate climate. Summers are warm and sunny, with temperatures in June-August ranging from 14°C (57°F) to around 28°C (82°F). During winter (December – May), the temperature can drop below 0 °C (32 °F). Hakuba has a plethora of fresh snow and averages over 11 meters of snow during the winter.

Hakuba Snow Forecasts

Below are our preferred resources for finding the most accurate weather forecasts for Hakuba, japan. Freezing levels and elevation play a significant role in determining snow conditions. When looking at forecasts, check different elevations and pay attention to the freezing levels. Another factor to pay attention to is the wind. It is not uncommon for lifts in Hakuba to be put on wind hold. Check the wind speed; if the numbers are high, consider choosing a resort protected from the wind.


Snow-Forecast.com is our go-to website for accurate and up-to-date Hakuba weather forecasts. The site gives you up to a 12-day forecast (requires a log-in) and lets you choose the base, mid-mountain, or top-of-mountain forecast. While it doesn’t provide a map or visually show the freezing level, it gives you a quick, easy picture to understand what’s happening with the weather.


Hakuba Weather - Snow Japan
Snow Japan

The Snow Japan website provides daily forecasts and historical snowfall data for ski resorts all over Japan. Their Hakuba page has up-to-date weather forecasts and snow reports.

Hakuba Facebook Page

Hakuba Weather - Hakuba Facebook Page
Hakuba Facebook Page

The Hakuba Facebook page is run by one of Hakuba’s local legends. If you’re looking for a daily update on how much snow has fallen and which Hakuba resort to choose for the day, this is your one-stop shop. Alternatively, each resort provides daily snow reports on its Facebook pages. You can get an accurate picture of where to find the best snow by comparing the reports from each resort.

Hakuba Webcams

Hakuba Weather - Hakuba Webcams
Hakuba Webcams

Hakuba Village has a variety of webcams located both on the resorts and along the roads that access Hakuba. Webcams are a great way to find current conditions and get a glimpse of the terrain.

Hakuba Lift Status

Hakuba Weather - Hakuba Lift Status
Hakuba Lift Status

Gone are the days you had to hunt through each resort’s webpage to find the current lift status. Hakuba Village has put together an all-in-one site with up-to-date information on the lift status for all of Hakuba’s resorts.


How much snow is in Hakuba?

Hakuba receives over 11 meters of fresh snow every winter.

How long is Hakuba ski season?

The Hakuba ski season starts early to mid-December and runs until the first week of May. The resorts endeavor to stay open until the end of the Golden Week Holiday in japan.

Is Hakuba suitable for snowboarding?

Yes, Hakuba is exceptional for snowboarding. The snow conditions and terrain in Hakuba are second to none in Japan.

How cold does it get in Hakuba?

Hakuba is usually relatively temperate, and temperatures rarely drop below negative 15.

Final Thoughts

Hakuba is an incredible destination for snow lovers. With a long winter season and plenty of fresh powder, it’s no surprise that Hakuba is one of Japan’s most popular ski resorts. The weather can be uncertain, and it can be challenging to predict the best time to go. However, with the resources above and some luck, you should make the most of your time in and enjoy fantastic skiing and snowboarding in Japan. Good luck and happy hakuba-ing!

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