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5 Best Hakuba Onsen – Luxury Hot Springs

After a long day on Hakuba’s powdery slopes or a vigorous hike, there’s no better way to relax than soaking in a refreshing Hakuba onsen. Japanese onsen are a unique cultural experience everyone should enjoy while visiting the Hakuba Valley. 

Many of the hot springs in the Hakuba Valley have outdoor baths with panoramic views of the Japanese Alps. Magical views of Hakuba’s breathtaking scenery are a serene experience one can only find in Hakuba.

Each of Hakuba’s onsen is unique. From traditional Japanese baths to soothing foot onsen, everyone should take the time to experience the health benefits of an onsen in Hakuba.

What Are The Best Hakuba Onsen? 

Here is our list of the best Hakuba onsen.

The 5 Best Hakuba Onsen 

  1. Best Views- Hakuba Highland Hotel Onsen
  2. Best Traditional – Sierra Hotel Hakuba Onsen
  3. Most Adventurous – Hakuba Yari Onsen
  4. Best Local – Mimizuku Onsen
  5. Best Foot Bath – Happo Onsen

1) Best Views – Hakuba Highland Hotel Onsen

Hakuba Onsen - Hakuba Highland Hotel Onsen


  • Hours: 11:00-20:00 (Last reception at 19:30)
  • Cost: ¥700 adults, ¥400 children
  • Towel Rental: ¥300 bath towel, ¥100 face towel

Hakuba Highland Hotel is best known for stunning views of the Japanese Alps from its outdoor baths. The water flows directly from the Hakuba Himekawa Onsen. From the 10-m-long outdoor panorama bath, you can marvel at the views of Mount Goryu in the south and Mount Tsugaike Kogen in the north. Unwind in the adjacent reclining bath and enjoy the magnificent views, stimulating the five senses. The indoor tub has a free-flow design with large windows to create a feeling of openness. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views of Hakuba’s four seasons. This 3-star hotel is easily accessible from Hakuba Station, and despite having a luxurious feel, the onsen fee is very reasonable.

2) Best Traditional Onsen – Sierra Hotel Hakuba Onsen

Hakuba Onsen - Sierra Resort Hotel Onsen


  • Hours: 13:00-17:00 (Last reception at 16:00)
  • Cost: ¥1,000 adults, ¥500 children
  • Towel Rental: ¥300 bath towel

Sierra Onsen is a traditional onsen with a unique atmosphere, located in the North of Hakuba. The water comes straight from the Mizubashou Onsen and is rich in minerals renowned for improving skin tone, circulation, and overall physical health. Guests can relax and enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains from the bathhouse built from an over 120-year-old traditional Japanese building. The beautiful surroundings and serene atmosphere make Sierra Onsen a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the traditional onsen.

3) Most Adventurous Onsen – Hakuba Yari Onsen Hut

Hakuba Onsen - Yari Onsen


  • Open Times: June – October
  • Cost: ¥1,000 adults, ¥500 children
  • Towel Rental: N/A

Heighten your senses and embark on an epic trip to this mountainside onsen is ideal for hikers looking to experience an onsen in the mountains. Located halfway up Mt. Shirouma Yari-gatake at an altitude of 2100m, this onsen hut is one of the most spectacular in Japan. Soak in an open-air hot spring while watching the sun rise above a sea of clouds! Each year, the hut opens in the warmer summer months, and you can book your slot on the official website to stay overnight either inside the hut’s shared guest room or outdoors on the tent field. The hut is disassembled every winter. However, the onsen tub remains open, and experienced snow hikers and backcountry skiers are known to use this spectacular onsen amidst the Hakuba mountain range.

4) Best Local – Mimizuku Onsen

Hakuba Onsen - Mimizuku no Yu


  • Hours: 10:00-21:00 (Last entry 20:30)
  • Cost: ¥700 adults, ¥350 children
  • Towel Rental: ¥350 towel set, ¥250 face towel

Located conveniently near central Hakuba, this onsen offers beautiful mountain views from its bath. Mimizuku no yu has indoor and outdoor baths and can be found a short distance from the Happo One ski resort. The small onsen’s wooden interiors have a rustic charm that attracts many Hakuba locals. The beautiful outdoor pool is a great way to relax and watch the falling snow. Known for its regenerating properties, Mimizuku is an excellent choice for those looking to relax after a long day of outdoor activities. This onsen will warm you up to the core after a long day out in winter and leave your skin silky smooth.

5) Best Foot Bath – Happo Onsen


  • Hours: 24/7
  • Cost: Free
  • Towel Rental: N/A

What better way to soothe your feet after an adventurous day in the mountains than to soak away your troubles in the foot bath? The Happo ashi no yu (foot onsen) is one of Hakuba’s best outdoor baths for your feet. Located across from the Happo bus terminal and is a member of Hakuba Happo onsens. This small outdoor foot onsen is perfect for tired feet after a long day skiing or hiking in Hakuba’s mountains. The bath is open 24/7, so you can drop by anytime to revive your legs and enjoy the view. Remember to bring a small towel to dry off your feet.

Other Onsen in Hakuba

Hakuba has a plethora of beautiful onsens to choose from across the entire Hakuba Valley. There are dozens of indoor and outdoor baths available throughout the valley. Here is a short list of other onsens:

  • Tokyu Hotel Onsen
  • Hotel Green Plaza Onsen (Cortina Resort)
  • Hakuba Ryujin Hot Spring
  • Kurashita no Yu
  • Juro no Yu
  • Happo no Yu


How long should you sit in an onsen?

Everyone’s body reacts differently to submerging into hot water (usually around 42°C), but a general guideline is to stay inside the water for no more than 40 minutes. Even though that might not sound very long, it is enough time to get the most out of it and absorb the healing minerals, which are said to have many health benefits.

Why are tattoos not allowed in an onsen?

Traditionally, tattoos are associated with organized crime in Japan. The majority of onsen do not allow tattoos because of this. However, in places with foreign tourists, like Hakuba and Niseko, you may find hot springs that will make an exception. It’s always worth checking before you go to avoid disappointment. If you only have a small tattoo, you can cover it with a band-aid before entering the facility.

Should I eat before or after entering an onsen? 

Having a light meal beforehand is recommended, as bathing in hot water consumes a lot of energy, and you might feel lightheaded or ill. The most important thing is to stay hydrated before, during, and after your onsen. Most Hakuba hot spring facilities offer drinking water free of charge in the changing rooms.

Is there a Private Onsen in Hakuba?

Yes, there are several private onsens in Hakuba. Obinata no yu is a famous onsen that can be booked out and includes transportation. Unfortunately, Obinata no yu is not operating for the 2023 winter season. You can find private hotel onsen throughout Hakuba.

Which hotels have the best onsen in Hakuba?

There are several hotels in Hakuba with great onsen. Below is a list of some well-known hotels offering onsen to non-guests; if your hotel does not have an onsen feel free to stop by one of these neighboring hotels.

  • Mominoki Hotel Onsen
  • Tokyu Hotel Onsen
  • Hotel Green Plaza Cortina Onsen
  • Highland Onsen

Final Thoughts

Hakuba has a plethora of onsen available to guests. From soothing footbaths to spectacular views of the mountains, you can find a relaxing onsen experience in Hakuba. Enjoy the Japanese Northern Alps and visit one of the many hot springs.

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