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Hakuba lift tickets 2022/2023

The Hakuba Valley, just 3 hours west of Tokyo, is a renowned destination for skiers worldwide. With 9 resorts and over 200 runs available, there’s something here for everyone – no matter your skill level! Hakuba sits 250k west of Tokyo in the heart of the Japanese Alps, offering easy access from both Haneda and Narita airports in Tokyo. Take advantage and get your Hakuba Lift Tickets today!

The 9 resorts in the valley share the same lift pass system, and getting to and from them is a breeze with the comprehensive shuttle system. Riders who want to experience Japan’s powder snow and diverse terrain will find endless options for exploring Hakuba and the surrounding area.

There are various lift ticket options in Hakuba, from full-day tickets to weeklong passes. Whether you’re looking to hit all of Hakuba’s resorts or spend one day on the hill, there’s a lift ticket to suit your needs. In this guide, we will de-mystify Hakuba’s lift ticket system so that you can make the most of your time in this fantastic ski destination.

Hakuba Season Passes

The Hakuba Valley Season Pass is the ultimate pass. You have unlimited access to all 9 ski resorts with endless opportunities to explore some of the world’s most legendary powder snow. The season pass also comes with several perks:

  • Ride the Hakuba Valley Shuttle Bus for free.
  • 50% off 1-day lift tickets at all Vail Resorts.

*Note: The Hakuba Valley Pass does not include night skiing.

Who’s it For?

If you will ski for 30 or more days in Hakuba, then the Hakuba Valley Pass is for you.

Hakuba Valley Season Pass Pricing

Super Early Bird (Aug 8 – Sept 16)

  • Adult: 99,800 yen 
  • Child: 53,000 yen

Early Bird (Sept 16 – Oct 31)

  • Adult: 129,800 yen
  • Child: 69,000 yen

Regular Rate (After Nov 1)

  • Adult: 154,800 yen
  • Child: 82,000 yen

Hakuba Valley Lift Ticket

Hakuba Valley Lift Passes are a combined lift ticket for the valley. They give access to all 9 ski resorts and the Hakuba Valley Shuttle Bus. Passes can be purchased online through the Hakuba Valley website, your accommodation/tour provider, or any lift ticket office.

  • Ride the Hakuba Valley Shuttle Bus for free.
  • Adult prices apply to anyone Ages 13+
  • Child Ages 6-12
  • Usable at multiple resorts on the same day
  • Not valid for night skiing or night shuttle bus

Who’s it For?

The Hakuba Valley ticket is easy to use and provides Hakuba Shuttle Access. It is ideal for customers who come to Hakuba for 3 or more days. The multi-day flex passes (7 out of 10 days etc.) give you the freedom to take a day off mid-trip to explore. The other added benefit of a multi-day pass is that you don’t have to line up at the ticket office every morning, which can be a hassle when trying to catch first tracks.

Day Lift Ticket Pricing

Tickets Adult Child
1 day 7,600 4,400
2 day 14,400 8,200
3 day 21,500 12,100
4 day 28,700 16,000
5 day 35,700 20,000
6 day 42,800 24,000
7 day 50,000 28,000
8 day 56,400 31,600
9 day 63,000 35,000
10 day 69,400 38,600


Kashimayari Ski Resort is at the very South end of Hakuba Valley. It has 2 ski bases, one in Hakuba and the other in Omachi. The ski resort is smaller than many others in the valley, usually less crowded, and caters well to families. The lodge at the top has a large eating area on the second floor, with restaurants, shops, and rentals on the main floor. Runs funnel into the top lodge from all directions, making it an excellent spot for families with older kids who want to venture out independently.

Day Lift Ticket Pricing

Tickets Adult Child
1 day 4,000 2,000

Hakuba 47/Goryu/Iimori

One of the few interconnected resorts, Hakuba 47, Able Hakuba Goryu, and Iimori all use the same lift pass. The Iimori has some of the best beginner terrain for young skiers, and Goryu’s wide-open run at the base will help nervous skiers feel more confident. Intermediate and advanced skiers will appreciate the upper and mid-mountains with some nice groomed runs. For more advanced skiers looking for a challenge, Hakuba 47 has some exceptional lift-accessed tree skiing (safety course and bib required), and the adventure course that connects 47 to Iimori is a hidden gem on a powder day.

Season Pass Pricing

Pass Full Price Early Bird (Oct 1 – Nov 30)
Adult 70000 65000
Junior 35000
Kids 0
Spring Pass (From March 1st) 40000

Day Lift Ticket Pricing

Tickets Adult Child
1 day 5500 2,900
2 day 10000 5400
3 day 13500 7500

Happo One

Happo One ski resort is the largest in Hakuba, with some of the valley’s most advanced skiing and snowboarding. Mogul skiers will revel in some of the steepest and longest thigh-burning bumps runs in Hakuba, while powderhounds can take advantage of Alpin, Skyline, and Omusubi. Although primarily an advanced mountain, there is some suitable beginner terrain at Sakka, and the plaza at the base offers child minding and great restaurants. For the 2022/2023 season, Bear’s Cafe is operating the new Henry’s restaurant at Sakka, so get ready for some new delicious food offerings.

Season Pass Pricing

Pass Adult 40+ Adult 18-39 Child
Early Bird 70000 36000 22000
Regular 88000 45000 28000

Day Lift Ticket Pricing

Tickets Adult Child
1 Day 6500 3200
2 Day 13000 6400
Half Day 5500 2700


Hakuba Iwatake snow field is the shortest of Hakuba’s resorts. As a result, it usually has the shortest ski season in the valley. Despite this, it has some great terrain. Snowboarders enjoy riding the natural side hits, and banks found all over the ski resort. Tree skiers and powderhounds will want to head to the backside runs. The mellow top to bottom offers a comfortable learning environment for beginners and intermediates.

Iwatake has the best 360-degree views in the valley that showcase the beauty of that Hakuba. Check out Mountain Harbor on the backside of Iwatake and enjoy a coffee and cookie as you take in the splendor.

Season Pass Pricing

Pass Adult Child
Early Bird 37000 60000
Regular 25500 37000

Day Lift Ticket Pricing

Tickets Adult Child
1 Day 5000 3200
Half Day 4200 2600


Tsugaike mountain resort is the best beginner mountain in Japan, hands down. There is nowhere else with as many wide-open beginner runs. The resort is a beginner skier’s paradise from the gondola mid-station and down. From mid-station up is a different story. Intermediate skiers can take advantage of the wide red runs that litter the mountain with great ski opportunities. Advanced skiers looking for black runs will not be impressed by the on-piste offerings. But don’t fret; the double black diamond area (safety course required) is the best gondola-accessible tree skiing in Hakuba and a favorite of Jon Olsson! Tsugaike is also one of the best backcountry access points in Hakuba.

Pro Tip: If you are backcountry skiing, you can buy a one-way ticket instead of a full-day pass. Before venturing outside of the resort make sure you are aware of the avalanche risk.

Season Pass Pricing

Pass Adult Child
Early Bird 43000 32000
Regular 64000 43000

Day Lift Ticket Pricing

Tickets Adult Child
1 Day 5900 3500
2 Day 10400 6300


The legendary Cortina is where powder hunters flock. This resort, found at the North end of the Hakuba Valley, is known for getting the most snow, the steepest runs, and beautiful glades. Cortina is also a big draw for backcountry skiers with its easy-to-access terrain from the top lift. Norikura and Cortina share a lift ticket, and for a good reason. If you ski the backside of Cortina, you will end in Norkura and then lift-hop your way back. Norikura has a new lift opening for the 2022/2023 season, promising even more backcountry access. Before venturing outside of any resort make sure you have your beacon, shovel, probe, and avy pack.

Season Pass Pricing

Passes Adult Child
Early Bird 46000 26000
Regular 56000 36000

Day Lift Ticket Pricing

Tickets Adult Child
1 day 5000 3500
4 hour 4000 3000

Epic Pass

Hakuba Valley became a member of the Epic Pass in 2019. This pass gives skiers and snowboarders unlimited access to all of the resorts in Hakuba Valley and several other popular ski destinations worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting, the Epic Pass is an excellent option for anyone looking to experience some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Japan. Epic Local Pass, Epic Australia Pass, and full Epic Pass holders can take advantage and receive 5 days of unrestricted skiing in Hakuba Valley.

Buying Lift Passes

Season passes can be purchased online from the Hakuba Valley website and individual resort pages.

Day lift tickets are best purchased at a ticket window or through your travel/accommodation provider. Hakuba Valley lift tickets are standardized rates, but hotels usually get discounts for individual resort tickets, which may be available at a discount from the hotel.

Hakuba Valley Shuttle Bus

Hakuba Valley shuttles busses give access to all of the valleys ski resorts. A ride on the bus costs 500Yen, but Hakuba valley lift pass holders can ride for free. Because of the size of the Hakuba Valley, moving from one end of the valley to the other can take some time. Don’t expect to transfer quickly between resorts in a single day. Unless you have a car, plan to ride the Hakuba Valley one ski resort at a time.


Is Hakuba better than Niseko?

Both Hakuba and Niseko are well-known for their world-class skiing and snowboarding conditions. Still, they offer different terrain and experiences. Ultimately, the best way to decide which resort is right for you is to try them both and see which one you like best!

Can you get ski lift tickets at Costco?

In North America, you can purchase lift tickets at Costco. Unfortunately, in Japan, Costco does not sell lift tickets.

Is there night skiing in Hakuba?

Yes, there is night skiing at Goryu, Happo, Tsugaike, and Hakuba Cortina snow resorts.

Is Hakuba good for snowboarding?

Yes, Hakuba has some of the best snowboarding in all of Japan. Hakuba 47 has the best park in the valley, including a half pipe. Iwatake is also popular with snowboarders. It has lots of natural features and terrain that snowboarders enjoy.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Japan, Hakuba is a must-visit destination. With expansive terrain across multiple resorts, excellent powder conditions, and easy access from major cities like Tokyo, Hakuba offers something for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced skier or just starting, there’s something for you in Hakuba Valley. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and experience the best of Japan!

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