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6 Reasons Why We Love Hakuba 47 Ski Resort

Instagram got you dreaming of turns in the snow?

Hakuba 47 - Instagram Dreams

Powder dreams and sushi galore, why wouldn’t you be booking your next ski trip to the land of the rising sun?

What can we say? There’s a reason why travelers flock to Hakuba’s ski resorts every year. With some of the best terrain in Japan and, of course, the powder, Hakuba should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Be careful, though, or you may fall in love with the place and never leave like we did!

Hakuba Valley has over 10 resorts, 200+ runs, and enough snow for any powder lover. When choosing which resort to ski at, you should consider our favorite, Hakuba 47.

Our founder, Nadine Robb, chose Hakuba 47 as our base of operations for a reason.

Read on to find out 6 reasons why we love teaching at Hakuba 47!

Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Resort

Hakuba 47 Trail Map
  • Vertical: 794m
  • Difficulty: 30% beg, 40% int, 30% adv
  • Annual Snowfall: 12m+

Hakuba 47 is nestled at the Southern end of the valley next to the Hira River. From the resort’s base area, the gondola takes you up to mid-mountain, where there are a variety of beginner runs and, of course, Hakuba’s largest terrain park. You can enjoy the easy green trails from mid-mountain or head to the upper half of the resort for more challenging terrain, including some very steep mogul runs. Not to worry, there are intermediate and beginner slopes if you’re looking for an easier way down. For adventure seekers, the tree riding zone (registration required) offers some of the best lift-accessed glades in the valley. The mix of on-piste terrain, tree skiing, and backcountry opportunities make it an incredible place for discovery, growth, and excitement on the slopes.

6 Reasons Why We Love Hakuba 47

1 – Long Season

Hakuba 47 consistently has one of the longest ski seasons in the valley. They work diligently every year to be the first and last ski resort open from top to bottom. As a ski school, we love that we can depend on Hakuba 47 to provide the best snow quality and conditions – even during the early and late seasons.

2 – Beginner Terrain is at Mid Mountain

Hakuba 47 Private Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Unlike most other resorts in the valley, Hakuba 47’s beginner terrain is mid-mountain. All of our beginner lessons at 47 start from the top gondola station, which provides our students with:

  • A True Mountain Experience: Our students get an authentic mountain experience regardless of their skiing ability. I can’t count the number of times I have taken first-timers up the gondola and seen their eyes light up with the beauty of the mountains below.
  • Better Snow Conditions: Higher up means colder air and better snow. The better the snow, the easier it is for students to learn. No matter the weather conditions, starting at Mid-mountain is better for our students.

2 – Best Terrain Park in the Valley

Hakuba 47 Terrain Park - Ruka Ito - c/o events hakuba and icelantic skis

The 47 Winter Sports Park is the best in the valley. From Olympic hopefuls to Hakuba’s freestyle force, this is where all the freestyle athletes come to train. With a half pipe, and 3 lines of varying difficulty it’s a playground for any free style skier or boarder..

Ben, one of our senior snowboard instructors, says, “The 47 freestyle park is built early in the season and usually maintained until the end. It has a wide range of jumps, boxes, and rails from beginner to advanced.”

3 – The Cat Track is Great for Kids

Hakuba 47 - Cat track with Kids

Time on snow is the key to teaching little ones to ski. The more time they spend sliding, the better they get. Hakuba 47’s 1500m long Cat track is one of the best teaching tools in the valley.

I have taught hundreds of kids from 2 and 1/2 years old and up to ski on this run. In my 30 years of teaching across multiple countries, it is my favorite run for teaching kids.

The long, mellow slope gets gradually steeper as you head down and is an excellent progression. Once you hit the bottom, hop on the gondola (the easiest way to get little ones up the hill safely) and go for another run.

4 – One Pass to Rule Them All

Unlike mountain towns in Europe or North America, Hakuba’s resorts do not connect. None of the resorts go to the peak, and they have large valleys in between (this is where all the backcountry fun is).

That means that getting between resorts requires driving or taking a bus. For all but the most committed, you only visit one ski resort per day.

Hakuba 47, however, is connected to both Goryu and Iimori. They have one ski pass that allows you to access all the terrain and all the lifts. It’s like having one lift ticket for 3 different resorts. Our students love the added terrain and food options.

5 – Terrain Options

As a ski school, it’s essential to be able to teach guests of all ability levels. To do that, you need a wide variety of terrain, whether it’s an easy beginner run for a new skier, an intermediate run for someone looking to gain confidence, or moguls and tree runs for someone looking for the next thrill. Hakuba 47 has it all.

Great Beginner Terrain

Hakuba 47’s mid-mountain is a great training ground for beginner skiers and snowboarders. The wide, groomed slopes are perfect for those just learning to ski. With plenty of room and no crowds, beginners can take their time and learn the basics without fear of being run over by faster skiers.

Long Intermediate Trails

Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can try your hand at some intermediate terrain. Hakuba 47 has a long groomed trail that takes you from the top of the ski resort to the bottom. This is an excellent course for strong intermediate skiers.

At 749m of vertical, this trail will put your stamina to the test. Don’t worry; you don’t have to ski from top to bottom. There are lifts along the way to split up your journey if your legs need a rest.

Tree Runs and Off-Piste

If you’re looking to take your skiing up a notch. Hakuba 47 has the best lift-accessible tree skiing. The high-speed quad at mid-mountain gives you access to some genuinely steep and deep powder skiing that’s hard to top. This advanced ski area requires a safety course before entering and offers a great option for on resort powder and steeps.

The adventure course down the ridge to Iimori is also an epic run offering unique terrain features and great powder turns.


If you’re like me and a bit of a glutton for self-punishment, the top lift at Hakuba 47 gives you access to some of the longest zipper lines in the valley. This is where I go to train spring moguls and channel my inner Jonny Mosely.

Hakuba 47 - Ski those moguls!

Long live those burning thighs!

Terrain Park

If you’re ready to get inverted, Hakuba 47 has the best parks in the valley. With a half-pipe, jumps, rails, and boxes, it has something for everyone, from beginners to pro tricksters. The park is well-maintained and offers a great place to practice freestyle riding.

6 – Great Food Options

Finding good food on the hill is essential, and Hakuba 47 doesn’t disappoint. After a day of ripping up the ski resort, my go-to haunts are the beer bar and pizza joint at the resort’s base area.

The large cafeteria at mid-mountain has some great Japanese and Western options and snacks to keep you going when your energy levels start to drop.

If you’re looking for more options, you can ski down to the base of Goryu or Iimori for some great on-mountain restaurants.

Final Thoughts

Hakuba 47 winter sports park is a fantastic place to ski, regardless of your skill level or preference. The abundance of terrain for all levels and great food options make it a great destination. Plus, the snow park and adventure zones are must-dos when you’re there. This is why we call Hakuba 47 home.

About Us

Hakuba Ski Concierge is a ski school in Hakuba, Japan, offering high-end personalized lessons to small groups and private individuals. We provide great lessons with instructors who go beyond to ensure you have the best experience possible.


Is Hakuba 47 good for beginners?

Yes – Hakuba 47 is excellent for beginners. Line 8 is a great run for kids, and the area at the top of the gondola is ideal for first-time guests.

Does Hakuba 47 have a terrain park?

Yes – Hakuba 47 has a fantastic terrain park with jumps, rails, and boxes for all levels of freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

What is the elevation of Hakuba 47?

Hakuba 47 has an elevation of 1,614 meters.